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Our Family Practice

We are a family dental practice who wants the best for their patients and always have. After nearly 30 years of providing hands on care we thought it would be great to ensure patients had the dental information, education and products they need between visits to our practice. Dental care happens every day not just once or twice a year, to ensure patients get exactly what they need to look after their own oral health between visits and make it easy, we developed

Why we created Smile Care Direct: Innovating and Sharing

The dental community are families and dental teams caring for their local community, is designed to help dental practices care for and communicate with their patients between visits. We know consistent oral health is key to a happy life and making it easy for patients to get what they need when they want it at great prices delivered to their home was key to that. Relevant information and oral health updates are also important to keep oral health top of mind between visits for patients and their families. So we created Smile Care Direct – a family of dental practices making home oral health easy by never running out of what you need, ever. Dental practices love to ensure the best care and is the latest chapter in that story, sharing a way for dental practices to make that happen is what Smile Care Direct is all about.