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Returns Policy

Returns Policy

Due to the unique nature of our products results vary greatly from person to person and are dependent on a variety of conditions. It may take a number of months to eradicate tough extrinsic stains. Therefore, we cannot refund purchases unless the product is defective. Bleach trays, cases and kits CANNOT and will not be refunded once the guard, tray, case or kit has been placed in water, tampered, altered or removed from its original packaging.

However, Smile Care Direct does offer a 30 day exchange back guarantee for all defective items provided that the product is returned in its original state which includes: the original tax invoice, all original packaging material, original manuals and instructions, vouchers, loyalty cards and any accessories that were supplied with the order. In no circumstances will partial returns be accepted. It’s the customer’s responsibility to initially pay for any return shipping costs. If after inspection, the product is deemed defective, the amount of the shipping cost may be partially or fully refunded on receipt of proof of the amount, this is soley at the discretion of the Smile Care Direct and will vary among cases.

The refund will be limited to the cost of the item being returned to us via REGULAR mail only. If the item is sent to us via another method, such as express or registered post, a partial refund of only the regular mail cost will be refunded.

All warranty-based claims must be taken up directly with the product manufacturer. Always retain your invoice for proof of purchase and contact the products manufacturer for further instructions on how to activate your claim. Where possible, Smile Care Direct may assist with warranty-based claims.

If an item needs to be returned to us Contact Smile Care Direct first and describe the problem, awaiting further instructions.