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Colgate Pro Clinical 350 Whitening Toothbrush 1 Pack

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Colgate Pro Clinical 350 Whitening Rechargeable Toothbrush is tough on plaque and gentle on gums. It provides 5x plaque reduction, improves gum health, soft thin tipped bristles, 2 brushing modes and 360° Whitening Brush Head.

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At Colgate, we believe that everyone deserves a future they can smile, about. 

For over 140 years, we have brightened smiles around the world with technologically advanced and clinically proven products. 

Colgate ProClinical is an innovative electric toothbrush that combines unique, multi-directional brush strokes with soft, thin-tipped bristles for a superior clean(vs. a manual flat-trim toothbrush) with a gentle touch. 

The experience matters, too. That's why we have designed our brush to be slim, light-weight, and quiet.

With Colgate ProClinical, and other Colgate products, your smile will express a joy for life and excitement for the future. 

Includes 360° Deep Clean Brush Head Whitens teeth in one week(by removing surface stains). 

1. Spiral bristles remove surface stains.

2. Soft rubber cup polishes teeth.

3. Soft thin-tipped bristles sweep along gumline.

4. Cheek and tongue cleaner helps remove odour causing bacteria.

Additional Features:

Unique multi-directional cleaning superior plaque reduction(vs. a manual flat-trim toothbrush)

Sonic vibrations up to 35,000 strokes/min

Replace brush head when outer blue tips fade or after three months.

Safety Information
Brush teeth twice daily with the Colgate® ProClinical® 360 Whitening Electric Toothbrush in Auto Mode.