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Colgate Savacol Alcohol Free Antiseptic Mouth & Throat Rinse 300mL


Colgate Savacol Antiseptic Mouth & Throat Rinse reduces dental plaque, may relieve discomfort of mouth ulcers and aids in the treatment of gingivitis.

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Adults: use 10mL of undiluted Savacol. Children: under 10 years use 5mL of undiluted Savacol under adult supervision. Rinse or gargle for 1 full minute after meals. Spit out. If throat or mouth infection persists, seek dental or medical advice. Mouth Ulcers - may reduce discomfort of mouth ulcers. Rinse 3 times daily. Dental Plaque & Gingivitis - reduces dental plaque and the incidence of gingivitis. Rinse twice daily. For maximum benefit use after brushing and flossing. Post Dental Treatment - on advice of your dentist only. Denture Rinse - to prevent breath. Rinse daily in addition to denture cleaning. If red of bleeding gums persist for more than 2 weeks, stop use and seek professional advice from your dentist. Painful, swollen gums, loose teeth and bad breath may be signs of periodontitis, a serious form of gum disease which requires professional treatment.

Safety Information
Savacol may cause reversible staining of the teeth and tooth-cloured restorations. It may lead to increased tartar production and temporary alteration in taste perception. Stains resulting from the use of Savacol will not adversely affect the health of your gums and can be removed by your dental professional. It is important to see your denstist for removal of any stain or tartar at least every six months or more frequently if your dentist advises.