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Colgate Minions Toothbrush Extra Soft 1 Pack

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Colgate Minions Extra Soft Toothbrush with tongue cleaner for 6+ years.

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This brush is specially designed for children 6 years of age and older who have a combination of baby teeth and adult teeth. 

Colgate Minions Extra Soft.

Our unique soft tongue cleaner to help remove bacteria from the tongue and cheeks. 

Thumb grip and rounded handle for a comfortable grip.

Suction cup for easy and fun upright storage. 

After use, rinse toothbrush thoroughly and shake off excess water. To store the toothbrush upright, ensure the suction cup is moist and affix it to a smooth horizontal surface. 

Safety Information
Dental professionals recommend replacing your toothbrush when the bristles appear worn or every 3 months. Children under 4 should not use without adult supervision. Do not chew. For toothbrushing only. Do not use as a toy.