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Colgate Smiles 2+ Toothbrush Soft Dora the Explorer

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Colgate Smiles 2+ Toothbrush Dora the Explorer is designed for healthy looking smiles at every age. Includes suction cap for easy and fun upright storage.

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The Colgate Smiles range of kids' toothbrushes is uniquely designed for healthy looking smiles at every age. Different ages have different oral care needs and different hand and mouth sizes that make a "one-size fits all" toothbrush impractical.

This brush is specially designed for the needs of children 2-5 years old who have all front baby teeth and developing molars.

Centre colour dot helps you measure the recommended amount of toothpaste.

Curved multi-height bristles reach all their teeth, including difficult to reach molars.

Small oval head with soft material protects children's gums.

Non-slip cushioned handle fits small fingers.

Safety Information
Dental professionals recommend replacing your toothbrush when the bristles appear worn or every 3 months. Children under 4 should not use without adult supervision. Do not chew.